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Statement of Faith
Christian Philosophy of Education
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A Ministry of First Baptist Church, Pearland




(As Approved January 2012)




Section 1.  Statement of Faith.  Eagle Heights Christian Academy is a ministry of First Baptist Church, Pearland, and as such, agrees with and operates under the Statement of Faith adopted by the Church Body.


Section 2.  Philosophy. 

                  Education at EHCA is approached from a biblical perspective that recognizes 

                  the sovereignty and authority of God.  Attendant with this belief are the

                  following truths:


        God is transcendent, is spirit, and always acts in accordance with His loving and just nature.  In addition, God is His Word places and eternal emphasis upon life.  (Rom. 11:36, II Cor. 4:18, I John 2:15-17)


        Men, and thus children, are created in the image of God and have unbounded potential to mirror the qualities and character of Jesus Christ.  Further, man is born with a sin nature that has marred but not ruined God's image in man.  Finally, we believe that man's greatest need is redemption through Jesus Christ and not education. (Gen. 1:27, Ps. 8:3-6, Rom. 3:23, Jer. 17:9)


        Jesus Christ reflects truth:  truth about the nature of God, truth of man's need to be rightly related to God, and truth about the world He created.  (John 14:6, John 17:17, Mt. 7:24-29, Ps. 19:1, I Cor. 2:15, John 8:26, II Tim. 3:16)


        The Bible is inerrant and authoritative.  Because God both created the universe and appointed the writing of Scripture, no academic truth (man discovered truth) can rightly be in conflict with God's Word.


        Although man many not perceive truth in particular circumstances, truth is unchangeable and not relativistic.


        Biblical education focuses on what a person becomes rather than on what he knows.  Therefore, knowledge is only the basis for the development of wisdom and character.  Further, the end of education is not the acquisition of status, but to glorify God and fulfill His mandate to subdue and have dominion over God's creation.


        Education is the prerogative and responsibility of parents.  EHCA is in partnership with the home to provide support and assistance in shaping a Christ-like view of truth and reality.


                  These beliefs will work their way into every aspect of the education offered at EHCA.


A.     Vision Statement


We aspire for our students to reach their highest potential and become God-fearing leaders that positively affect the world in which they live.


B.     Mission Statement


We strive to guide our students toward a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, to radiate His compassion toward others, and to develop servant-leader qualities while providing a comprehensive academic program presented from a Biblical Worldview.


C.     Statement of Objectives



                        Intellectually the school strives:

        To promote high academic standards by instilling initiative, a good work ethic, and reliance on God.

        To prepare students in all academic disciplines, ensuring students are proficient in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking.

        To encourage the development of good study habits.

        To foster intellectual inquiry, utilizing skills to question, solve problems, and make wise decisions.

        To demonstrate how to utilize resources, including technology, to find, analyze, and evaluate information in a discerning way.

        To encourage lifelong learning.

        To prepare and encourage students to further their education beyond high school, seeking God's will for their lives.


                        Spiritually the school strives:

        To lead students into a personal, saving relationship with Christ as Lord and Savior by presenting the gospel regularly.

        For students to know, understand, and apply God's Word in daily life.

        To develop a desire in our students to know and do the will of God.

        To teach students consistent Christian living and service through local and global outreach.

        To help students articulate and defend their Biblical worldview and Christian faith while having a basic understanding of opposing worldviews.

        To encourage students to be empowered by the Holy Spirit and pursue a life of faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love.

        To encourage students and families to be actively involved in a local, Bible-believing church.

                  Physical and Social

                        Physically and Socially the school strives:

        To promote physical fitness and health, teaching students to treat their bodies as the Temple of God.

        To support arts and athletic programs to encourage team building, develop character, and  promote school unity.

        To teach respect and how to appropriately relate, with integrity, to the people with whom students work, play, and live.

        To mentor students facing daily struggles with biblical guidance and prayer.

        To advocate the principles of healthy, moral, family living, including God-honoring use of leisure time.

        To encourage students to demonstrate a Biblical view of life, work, and occupational endeavors.





Section 1.  Eagle Heights Christian Academy (EHCA) functions as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Texas.


Section 2.  EHCA operates under the direction of the Academy Ministry Team.  The Academy Ministry Team serves under the direction of the pastoral leadership of First Baptist Church, Pearland.


Section 3.  The  Administrator/Principal will interpret and administer policy established by the Academy Ministry Team and manage the overall operation of the school, consulting frequently with the Academy Ministry Team.  The Administrator/Principal reports directly to the Academy Ministry Team.


Section 4.  EHCA operates under licensing with the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.  The Academy operates in compliance to county and city codes regarding health, fire and safety issues.


Section 5.  EHCA will maintain memberships with professional Christian school organizations, such as Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).







Section 1.  Responsibilities


A.     The Academy Ministry Team (AMT) will be responsible for guiding the development of general policy, determining direction, and insuring the financial stability and growth of the academy.

B.     The AMT will maintain a policy manual and a complete record of all AMT meeting minutes.  Policies and minutes will show biblical principles, professional ethics, and high standards.

C.     The AMT will delegate as necessary executive and administrative functions to the Administrator/Principal, who will be recognized as the head of the school.

D.     The AMT will insure educational programs are based on biblical truth and are evaluated periodically and revised as needed through the cooperative work of the faculty and the administration.


Section 2.  Team Members


A.     Appointed Members.

1.      The Academy Ministry Team will consist of at least five(5) appointed members.

2.      Membership on the Academy Ministry Team is limited to Active members of First Baptist Church, Pearland.  If, for any reason, a member ceases to be and Active member, his/her membership on the Academy Ministry Team will be terminated automatically.  Reasons for removal from Active membership status are stated previously in the Bylaws of First Baptist Church.

3.      Each appointed team member is selected by the Pastor of First Baptist Church, Pearland, the Administrator/Principal, and the President of the Academy Ministry Team.

4.      Each appointed member has one vote on all matters coming before the Academy Ministry Team.


B.     Ex Officio Members.  There are two (2) ex officio members on the Academy Ministry Team.  Ex officio members do not have a vote on matters coming before the Academy Ministry Team.

1.      Pastor of First Baptist Church, Pearland

2.      Administrator/Principal


C.     Term of Team Members.  Each appointed team member will serve on the Academy Ministry for a term of three (3) years or until the appointment of a successor.  Unless filling a vacated term, new team members will begin active tenures on March 1st of the calendar year and will continue through June 30th of the third year of service.


D.     Vacancies on the Academy Ministry Team will be filled in a timely manner.


Section 3.  Meetings


A.     Frequency.   The Academy Ministry Team will meet at least quarterly to assist with the business of EHCA.  The President and/or Administrator/Principal may call a meeting at any time.

B.     Notice.  Notice will be given to all team members by the EHCA Business Administrator.

C.     Quorum.  The presence of at least 51% of the appointed team members at any meeting will constitute a quorum.  Ex officio members are not counted toward the quorum and do not have voting privileges.  A quorum will have full authority to carry on the business of the Academy Ministry Team.  Vote by proxy will not be accepted.

D.     Roberts Rule of Order will be used at all meetings.


Section 4.  Officers.  Officers to be elected by the Academy Ministry Team will be the

      President, Vice President, and Secretary.


A.     President.  The President will preside at all meetings of the AMT and will be an ex officio member of all special emphasis teams.

B.     Vice President.  In the absence of the President, the Vice President will assume all duties performed by the President.

C.     Secretary.  The Secretary will take and prepare minutes of all meetings of the Academy Ministry Team.  Minutes of general sessions will be made available to Active members of First Baptist Church, Pearland and EHCA parents upon request.






Section 1.  The Administrator/Principal will be placed and dismissed upon the recommendation of the Pastor of First Baptist Church, Pearland and the Academy Ministry Team.


Section 2.  All other Academy personnel will be placed and/or dismissed upon the recommendation of the Administrator/Principal and approved by the Academy Ministry Team.  The Academy Ministry Team will outline in the Policy Handbook the qualifications and requirements for all personnel.


Section 3.  Salaries.  Salary schedules will be recommended by the Administrator/Principal and approved by the Academy Ministry Team.







Section 1.  All salaries and programs of the Academy will be covered by tuition, fees and gifts.  The Academy will be self-sufficient.


Section 2.  Budget.  The annual budget is submitted by the Administrator/Principal and approved by the Academy Ministry Team.  The Academy Ministry Team will be given ample opportunity to review the proposed budget and to provide input regarding the proposed budget to the Administrator/Principal.


Section 3.  All accounting, auditing, bookkeeping and cash management operations will be done by the Financial Secretary and the Business Administrator.


Section 4.  Audits. The financial statements for EHCA will be audited by an independent accounting firm on an annual basis.







Amendments to these bylaws will be in accordance to the amendment procedure as stated in the bylaws of First Baptist Church, Pearland.



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